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Patent 10,605,290

Driving around in the early spring of 2015, I couldn’t help but notice all the damaged mailboxes from the harsh winter months. I thought  "there has to be a way to prevent all this damage getting done to mailboxes and the posts."  The current posts are made very rigid with no flexibility. I did a little research and, in fact, found several options. The problem is, they are ugly, big and/or make the mailboxes look different from the standard mailbox posts that we are used to seeing. I spent months working on a viable solution that would not only function when needed but not alter the look of standard mailbox posts we are used to seeing. That’s when I came up with the Phlexibolt (patent pending). The Phlexibolt is comprised of a spring, bolt, stud and is made to break when a force greater than the strength of the bolt is applied. Once the bolt breaks, it is ejected, giving the spring the ability to flex the mailbox arm when the force is applied. The Phlexibolt will allow the mailbox arm to return to its original position. The broken bolt can be easily removed and a new bolt installed giving rigidity back to the mailbox post assembly. This is much easier and less costly than digging out your old post and replacing it with a new post. Although this was originally intended for mailbox posts,  I realized there are many more uses for it.

This fastener has a redundancy built right in. Depending how you want to use the fastener, in tension or compression, it can provide a safety factor. Whether you want the bolt to fail but keep the components together or if the bolt unexpectedly fails or loosens or even falls out, the components will still be held together. This can keep a bad situation from being catastrophic. I can see these fasteners being used in the industrial, commercial, residential or even governmental markets. This is the only fastener of its kind on the market.

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